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 Welcome to AgriDrone, Missouri's first drone based spraying system. At Agri-Drone, we believe in helping not just the consumer but the agriculture business, the vegetation management business as well as commercial accounts. We offer crop analysis, golf course analysis, vegetation management and insect control with two different types of drones. With accurate, automated position tracking with GPS receivers we are able to allow farmers and agricultural service providers to automatically record data and apply variable rates of herbicides to smaller areas within larger fields thus saving money equaling more profit. Agri-Drone has a three-fold system: scout, identify and service the problem areas. 

How does all this work? 

Crop health is measured by the reflectance of certain light bands off the plants. Agri-Drone has found near infrared (NIR) light reflectance to be the most reliable and accessible measure or crop health. The more NIR light a plant reflects, the healthier it is (within a given plant species).

By photographing a field from the sky using a camera with a special filter, NIR reflectance can be measured. This allows us to generate products showing plant health across a field. The camera takes photos the entire time. We can cover  800 acres in less than an hour. Afterwards, all these photos will be stitched together into a giant image of the field, called an ‘orthomosaic’ or ‘field map’. In order for this stitching to work, each photo needs to be ‘geotagged’. This means the latitude and longitude coordinates of wherever it was taken are embedded in the exif data of the photo. 

What Can I Do with Agri-Drone Results?

When scouting fields on foot it’s difficult to see large variance in your crop or fruit trees that may affect the overall yield. At Agri-Drone, our survey provides a birds-eye view for accurate and actionable information and easy visualization of the health of your crop. Remote sensors on our drones scan crops for health problems, monitor hydration and growth rates and locate disease problems. The drones help with precision farming where farmers apply pesticides and fertilizers in a more timely way to small portions of a crop rather than an entire field.
The outputs are simple to understand, utilize and can be delivered in several formats for your specific needs. 
How Does "Dorothy" the Drone Spray? 

Our spraying drone "Dorothy" can cover an acre of land within just a few minutes. Dorothy has the ability to hoover in one spot or spray trees, vegetation or crops all within in a matter of seconds. 



 Crop Health, Vegetation Management, Crop Analysis, Insect Control, Mosquito Control 

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